Polish TV: check before you draw a cheque

Our life is completely unpredictable. And there are only a few things we can guarantee. Those are usually the things we have already tried ourselves, and can personally attest to their quality. This is exactly what we are offering you to do - a trial period for the best content of Polish television accessed through the internet. Watch Polish TV free online for 3 days in a row. Enjoy the Premium quality package supplied by PolBox.TV. And then, based on your personal experience, decide for yourself whether you want to extend your access to the service.

3 days of free Polish TV right now

Online TV is often called the future of television. Indeed, this service possesses certain advantages that substantially enhance your TV experience. Internet TV is:

  • Independent from any TV program. You can shift the schedule, record the shows and order on-demand movies to watch them whenever you want.

  • Autonomous in terms of location. Internet television is accessible in any location and from any device (including PC, tablet or mobile phone) connected to the internet.

  • No liabilities, no long-term or fastidious contracts. Tune in to the Polish TV any second you feel like it, switch it off or put your agreement on hold instantly.

  • To be installed, Polish TV on the internet does not require any satellite dishes, cables or expensive maintenance. On the other hand, our technical support operates 24/7.

  • There is no such thing as bad connection that hinders you from watching your favorite shows. Internet connection quality for Polish television is way better than cable or satellite.

Once having tried the innovative internet TV, one never goes back to the outdated technologies.

Polish TV online: as good as TV ever gets

Free Polish TV during the first three days of the trial period is a present made by the provider PolBox.TV to the company’s new customers. With the package you are bound to get the 24/7 access to:

  • more than 100 channels of Polish television online;

  • 3,000 world’s best movies in Polish language;

  • most popular radio stations;

  • interactive applications as pleasant supplement the traditional TV usually lacks;

  • control of your content (Parental lock option);

  • Multiroom function, which means you could watch different content on several devices simultaneously etc.

Watch Polish TV free online during the trial period, and then come back to become a standing customer. Our clients enjoy all the perks of the long-term cooperation, and that includes discounts, access to additional (adult) channels, comprehensive technical support, sharing experience within the PolBox.TV community, and so much more pleasant surprises you are welcome to discover.

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